Shipment and delivery of the item

Pancho's Gym aims to deliver the products at the address provided by the customer in a period between 48h and 72h (business days). This is the service hired from transport companies. However, Pancho's Gym can not be held responsible for possible delays due to incidents in the transport company. In spite of this, we are at your complete disposal through the email and phone number 608818160 to solve this incident as quickly and efficiently as possible.

- If, due to lack of stock, the delivery is delayed more than the indicated time, we promise to inform the user and give an approximate date of delivery. If the times are not acceptable, we will refund the money.


Must be communicated within the first 24 hours after receiving the order:

- If you receive the order broken or in bad conditions you will have to communicate it obligatorily within the first 24 hours. Outside of this period, the claim will not be admitted to a proceeding.

Pancho's Gym will request the sending of images that show the issue. When we evaluate and corroborate that there is such a problem, we will proceed to fix it through our technical team, change it for a new one or, if it is not possible, take it back and issue a refund. You must send the images of the deterioration of the product to

- If Pancho's Gym, by mistake, sends a product different from the one requested by the customer, we will change it for the appropriate one or you will receive a refund in case the correct item is out of stock.

Must be communicated within the first 15 days after receipt of the order:

-If the product you have requested does not meet your expectations you can return it or substitute it with a more suitable one, but always paying the shipping costs to PANCHO'S GYM.

- If a product does not perform properly, Pancho's Gym’s technical team will contact you. If in spite of this, the product can not be fixed or its malfunction is provable, we promise to change it for a new one or in case it is not possible, to collect it and to return the payment made.

- If the customer has a confusion in choosing a model, you can return it or replace it with a more suitable one, but always paying the shipping costs to Pancho's Gym.

** Outside of the indicated deadlines Pancho's Gym will be exempt of any type of return or change excepting the ones covered by the guarantee of the product.