It is becoming more common for our faithful companions to suffer from overweight, obesity and diabetes, and even emotional problems related to stress and anxiety. Our prevalent sedentarism collides with the nature of these canines, based on constant movement and hunting.

Deprived of this fundamental purpose, our pets acquire undesirable behaviors, and we are often forced to ask ourselves: What are we doing wrong?

Experts recommend at least 45 minutes of intense exercise a day if we want to avoid problematic behaviors related to lack of activity. Dogs try to burn all the energy accumulated throughout the day in some way or another. If they fail to do so through intense activity, they will focus their efforts on negative behaviors, such as nibbling furniture, snooping in the trash, barking, and so on. However, at Pancho's Gym we understand that most owners do not have access to basic facilities to provide their pet with the exercise they require, or, most commonly, they face a lack of time. Therefore, we are constantly in situations of impotence and going more than what should be necessary to the vet.

But these problems have a solution. Pancho's Gym presents its new specialized treadmills to offer your pet the dedication to physical activity necessary to improve both its physical and mental health. Our multiple designs are based on the detailed study of canine physiology, to optimize performance during each session and guarantee the safety and comfort of your dog during training. Although we must remember that a treadmill does not replace a good stroll outside, Pancho's Gym treadmills can be the perfect complement in the life of any dog ​​lacking the recommended daily exercise.

Treadmills carry a whole new experience for your pet. With an intensity modulator included in our models, your dog can receive the best exercise based on breed, weight and height. Among the many benefits, it is important to highlight the improvement in physical condition, useful especially to combat diseases such as hypertension, cancer, diabetes and nephropathy, among others. Mental well-being is also fundamental, and is another goal of our company. Studies show that doing intense exercise releases specific hormones and neurotransmitters that improve our mood, and dogs, to a greater or lesser degree, also experience this. In no time the aggressive behavior and tense appearance of your furry friend will transform into a more friendly, relaxed and overall happy behavior, which you will also benefit from.