1. How long does it take to train my dog to use the treadmill? It really depends on you and on your dog. Every dog ​​is different and so are us humans. However, we have found that if a real effort is made and training is consistent, most dogs can walk easily on the treadmill on the first week.
  2. Why buy treadmill for dog? Exercising means a better life for you and your dog. Many dog owners, breeders, veterinarians and dog trainers alike have used and understood the physical and mental benefits that are achieved with dog treadmills. They are used for rehabilitation, energy concentration, muscle toning, behavioral modification and overall improvement of vitality. In the past, the only treadmills available for dogs were large, bulky and expensive. The goal of our company is to take this unfamiliar training and rehabilitation technique so that each owner and pet can benefit. Our treadmills are reasonably priced, portable and carefully designed, and best of all, we make it easy for any pet owner to learn how to use it.
  3. What if my dog ​​does not use the dog treadmill? In our experience and in our conversations with other trainers and professionals, we have found that generally, all dogs can learn to walk on a treadmill. If a dog has a problem learning to walk on a treadmill is usually because the time spent introducing the dog to the treadmill was too short, or the owners do not provide constant training and adequate timing. If you are worried about your dog learning to use the treadmill, we will be happy to talk to you, or refer you to a network of trainers who can provide some suggestions. Above all, it's the focus and energy behind your training that ensures success. We would like to mention that some dogs with diseases or medical conditions can not / should not use the treadmill. It is always wise to consult with your veterinarian before beginning any scheduled exercise.
  4. Is the dog treadmill a lazy way to exercise your dog? If you believe the treadmill exercise for your dog consists of sitting on the couch, eating ice cream and watching your favorite TV show, while your dog is tethered to the machine behind the bed, then the answer is yes (and shame on you). But if your life is hectic and you simply worry about your dog getting the regular exercise it needs, if the weather makes it difficult to get out every day, if your dog is rehabilitating from an injury or surgery, if its overweight or a service dog, if you live in a high traffic area, or if you personally are not able to get out ... then a dog treadmill is not a lazy way to exercise your dog. It is a smart choice that can in most cases help maintain the health and well-being of your pet without drugs or surgery. Exercising your dog on a treadmill should be a bonding experience, one that you can both enjoy and do together. We believe that being outside with your dog is the best place to be, but we also know, through our own personal experiences, that it is not always possible. In short, it is about the level of commitment you have to keep your dog healthy and happy without having to use potentially harmful alternatives. For most dogs, a walk around the apple once in the morning and once at night isnt enough. Pancho's Gym allows you to still enjoy your pleasant walks and get your dog the most intense exercise it needs. Remember that a tired dog is a good and happy dog.
  5. Should the treadmill be my dog's only source of exercise? The treadmill provides versatility, control and mental stimulation that is not always achieved with a quiet walk in the neighborhood, or an outdoor game. It takes mental focus to stay on the treadmill and make adjustments at different speeds. So you will see a noticeable difference in your dogs energy after a treadmill workout. For this reason, so many dog ​​professionals use it in their training / rehabilitation toolkit. Take into account that it should not be the only activity you give your furry companion. Dogs need to get out and exercise their primary instincts. Do you limit yourself to just one activity over and over again? The goal is a well-adjusted dog. Try to mix going out, playing, socializing in the park with other dogs, swimming, running... There are many activities that you can enjoy with your dog. Pancho's Gym treadmills are one of them.
  6. Can I use a human treadmill? It is possible and some owners do, but they were designed for humans, not dogs. Generally, teaching a dog to use a human treadmill is more difficult as they do not have specific dog features such as side enclosures that help keep your dog focused and move on. The position of the console is not ideal, while in the initial stages of training. The straps on human treadmills are much wider and in some cases have side holes that can cause leg injuries if not properly monitored. Treadmills for people are not designed to handle piles of dog hair, dust or urine that can invade the electronics and sensors. If the treadmill is not taken care of frequently the result would be that both you and your dog would lose the ability to exercise and many distributors will often revoke the guarantee. Our electronics are safely hidden in an external box independent of the treadmill. The console is placed conveniently to facilitate access and control and increasingly more models include remote control. The various dimensions allow you to choose the right size for your dog to give it a full range of movement. Human treadmills are not the ideal measure for very large dogs and are most often very noisy. Also, some people living in smaller areas are not able to accommodate a human treadmill in their rooms. The Pancho's Gym PG 704 is very convenient for small spaces. Our larger models feature an optimized design to reduce spaces, apart from the fact that with their unique design they can fit almost anywhere.
  7. What are the most common reasons to buy a dog treadmill? The most common reason is that most owners do not provide their dogs with the intense exercise they need, in most cases because they do not have enough time, but they still care about the health and well-being of their pets. More than 40% of European dogs are overweight and their owners spend an average of € 800 on visits to the vet a year. Our goal is to help you keep your dog healthy and reduce the costs of medical procedures, pills and diets. We would like to see more people exercising with their pets. When it seems impossible to get out of the rut, Pancho's Gym offers an alternative that is safe and fun for pets and their owners. Other reasons include: rehabilitation of an injury, unfavorable weather conditions, living in an area with busy traffic, continuous traveling, small flats, medical conditions, service dogs, behavior correction, etcetera
  8. About us? Panchos Gym Treadmills are backed up by more than 25 years of experience in the creation of fitness equipment, in addition to the exclusive and modern design of each model and excepcional competitive prices, which undoubtedly make these treadmills the best on the market.

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